Squarespace - Integration / Setup

Below is a step-by-step guide for creating a multilingual Squarespace website with Weglot

1. Create an account on Weglot

This is where you will get all translations and where you will be able to manage the translations. Simply create the Weglot account here

2. Enter your domain name and languages you want

In this step, you have to enter your domain name. Do not enter your Squarespace temporary domain, but your real domain name. It should  NOT end by .squarespace.com

IMPORTANT: If you’ve yet to purchase your domain name and are currently using a temporary Squarespace domain ending with .squarespace.com – you will need to use this integration

Click on "Next" and the below will be generated (your DNS records).  This will be different depending on the languages you choose, the example below shows French. You will need this in the next step!

3. Configure DNS records

Here you’ll create and connect your language-specific subdomains e.g. fr.mysite.com ( example for French) which is where your translated content will appear. 
This requires you to copy and paste your DNS records from step 2. 

Go to your Squarespace dashboard > Settings > Domains

Or, if you purchased your domain name outside of Squarespace you will need to go to your domain name provider account and add your entries there (need help? Feel free to check this guide or to contact support@weglot.com)

Your domain name will appear under "Managed by Squarespace". Click on it, and then "DNS settings". To add another entry select the drop down where the ‘A’ appears and choose CNAME.

Then copy your DNS records from the step before. E.g. the language code of the language you’ve added to your site in the first column and "websites.weglot.com" in the IP address section, then click "ADD".  The example screenshot shows both German and French.


Now go back to your Weglot account, click “Check DNS” and you should see a green tick icon; this means it worked! Click on “Next”.

4. Add the language switcher

Disclaimer: You can only customize your code on a Squarespace Business plan or higher.

The last step to making your website multilingual is to add a language-switcher to the front-end of your Squarespace website. You’ll find your Javascript code in your Weglot Dashboard under "Project settings."


Copy and paste this into your Squarespace dashboard, under Settings > Advanced > Code Injection and Header. If you already have something in this field, just paste the Weglot code after it.


5) It's done

You just need to wait a few minutes for Squarespace to display your language button. After that, your multilingual website will be live! Use the language button to change the language on your website. You can now edit your translations on your Weglot account.

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