Magento - Integration / Setup

Below is a step by step guide for creating a multilingual Magento website with Weglot.

1. Create an account on Weglot (~ 1 minute)

This is where you will get all translations and where you will be able to manage the translations. Simply create the Weglot account here.

2. Create your Magento project (~ 1 minute)

Here you have to create a new Weglot project for your Magento website, choose its name, and select Magento in the website technologies list.

3. Enter your domain name and the languages you want (~ 1 minute)

In this step, you enter the domain name of your website. In my example, my domain is it is originally in English and I want to translate it in German, French, and Spanish.

Click "Next" to go to the next step.

4. Configure DNS records (~ 5 minutes)

Now, you will configure DNS records to make sure the subdomains are connected to Weglot.

Each translated version of your website (in my example: French, German, and Spanish) will be reachable with these subdomains.

Then, go to your Domain provider account and find where you can manage the DNS (in Namecheap, there is a “Manage” button on each domain that leads to it). Then add each of your translated versions subdomain selecting CNAME, in my example:

  • fr pointing to
  • de pointing to
  • es pointing to

When your entries are done, back to the Weglot setup process and click "Check DNS". You should see a green checkmark indicating that the DNS was successfully configured. Click "Next".

5. Install the library (~ 3 minutes)

The last step is to add the JavaScript library that will add the language button on your website. Copy the JavaScript snippet that is generated during the setup process:

In your Magento admin, go to Content > Design > Configuration, select your main store view and click “Edit”.

 Paste the JavaScript snippet in Scripts and Style Sheets field > click save. (it should be at the end of your header)

6. You are done!

You are finished! Now you will see the language button appear on your website. Give it a few minutes to make sure your subdomains are finished setting up. Try changing the language and you will see your translated website.

If you need help at any time, don't hesitate to ask us directly at We are always here to help!

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