How to cancel my subscription

In this article, you will find out how to cancel your subscription


If you are using Shopify, you'll also need to follow this process even if you have removed the App as the payment terminal is through Stripe and not through the Shopify platform.

First of all, note that you have the possibility to pause your subscription instead of canceling it (see Can I pause my subscription?)

1. To Cancel, head over to your Weglot Dashboard > Billing

2. Cancel Plan

  • You can now select to cancel the plan here:

3. Validate the option below and click on "Next:

Simply note that, as mentioned on this page, canceling or pausing the service, the translations won't be active anymore on your project which means that your translations won't appear and your translated pages will be progressively removed from search engines (such as Google)

4. Click on "Cancel":

Your subscription will be set as a Free plan and your project will be automatically deleted after 3 months of inactivity according to our terms, unless you manually delete it (see How to delete my account?)

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