Shopify - Integration / Setup

Below is a step-by-step guide for creating a multilingual Shopify store with Weglot.

1) Go to your admin dashboard and click on “Apps” and “Visit Shopify App Store”. Then search for Weglot.

Once you’re on the Weglot Translate app page, click on “Add app”.


2) Click “Install app”


3) Create your Weglot account by entering an email and password, or signin if you already have one.

4) Choose your original and your destination languages.

5) Well done! Your store now has the translation button.

To see it, click on the “Visit your website” button. Otherwise, click on “Go to Weglot app settings” to start customizing your Weglot setup.

6) Welcome to your Weglot configuration dashboard!

To see all your content and start translating it, click on the “Edit my translations” button. If you don’t see your translations yet on the Weglot platform, please visit your store in the destination language to help Weglot detect all your content.

7) Optional

A) Email notifications translation

If you want to translate the email notifications (for instance, when a customer orders from your store), please follow this tutorial.

B) Checkout process translation

Weglot allows you to translate your checkout process into any language. To do so, please follow this tutorial.

Want to do more with the Weglot Translate app?

You can find more resources about what you can with the Shopify app in our developer space.

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