Squarespace - Subdomain Integration

This article explains how to integrate subdomains on Squarespace. It is recommended to make sure you have multilingual SEO enabled.

This article is the second part of the Weglot integration on Squarespace, allowing you to enable SEO. If you didn't set up Weglot yet, feel free to follow the first part.

1. Enable subdomains on Weglot

In your Weglot account, in Settings > Setup, toggle "on" the "Enable subdomains" option:

2. Enter your domain name and the languages you want

In this step, you have to enter your domain name. Do not enter your Squarespace temporary domain but your actual domain name. It should NOT end by squarespace.com.

IMPORTANT: If you have not yet purchased your domain name and are currently using a temporary Squarespace domain ending with .squarespace.com – you can not use subdomains. It would be best if you bought your domain name first.

Click on the "Next" button to see the generated (your DNS records). This will be different depending on the languages you choose. The example below shows French. You will need this in the next step!

3. Configure DNS records

Here, you'll create and connect your language-specific subdomains, e.g., fr.mysite.com(  example for French), where your translated content will appear. This requires you to copy and paste your DNS records from step 2.

Go to your Squarespace dashboard > Settings > Domains

Or, if you purchased your domain name outside of Squarespace, you will need to go to your domain name provider account and add your entries there (need help? Feel free to check this guide or to contact support@weglot.com)

Your domain name will appear under "Managed by Squarespace". Click on it, and then "DNS settings". To add another entry select the drop down where the 'A' appears and choose  CNAME.

Then copy your DNS records from the step before. E.g., the language code of the language you've added to your site in the first column and "websites.weglot.com" in the IP address section, then click "ADD."

The example screenshot shows both German and French.


Now go back to your Weglot account, click "Check DNS," and you should see a green tick icon; this means it worked! Click on "Next."

4. It's done

You need to wait a few minutes to ensure your subdomains are available. After that, your subdomains site will be live! Use the language button to change the language on your website. You can now edit your translations on your Weglot account.

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